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SAB/VNL Poll: Majority Opposes Measure 5, Plurality Opposes Measure 1

SAB/VNL Poll: Majority Opposes Measure 5, Plurality Opposes Measure 1

The two hottest measures on the statewide ballot this cycle are, without a doubt, Measures 1 and 5. Measure 1 would add this statement to the state constitution: “The inalienable right to life of every human being at any stage of development must be recognized and protected.” Supporters say it will protect North Dakota’s existing

Whoops: Pro-Measure 5 Activists Use Fake Mandan Teacher In Ad

Recently the group supporting Measure 5 held a press conference calling on opponents of the measure to “stop the lies.” That’s pretty rich given how often they have trouble telling the truth. For instance, there was that time they got caught using pictures of South Dakota to promote Measure 5 in North Dakota. There’s that

Audio: Clueless Telemarketer Tries To Push Measure 5, Knows Nothing About It

A reader sent me the audio above this evening of a telemarketer who called him urging a “yes” vote on Measure 5. That measure is the one seeking to divert hundreds of millions of dollars per biennium to conservation. It’s been backed by millions in spending by special interest groups who have basically bought their

Poll: Yes Vote On Measure 5 Leads 44-37 Percent

The folks behind the “no” vote campaign against Measure 5 the constitutional amendment that would divert hundreds of millions in oil tax revenues into a slush fund for conservation activists – told me that they started as serious underdogs. They said their internal polling at the beginning of the year showed strong majority approval –

Bob Wisness: Ducks Unlimited's Political Agenda Is Bad For North Dakota

The mission of the North Dakota Grain Growers Association is to serve North Dakota’s wheat and barley producers with education, information and representation, and as the representative of the producers it is important that we voice our opposition to the National Resources Conservation Service using Ducks Unlimited personnel to do its business in the field.

Unscrupulous Again: Measure 5 Proponents Caught Using Illegal Polling Practices

In the 2012 election cycle the proponents of a constitutional ballot measure to create a conservation fund saw their signature collection effort fail when petitioners they hired – mostly NDSU football players – were caught forging tens of thousands of signatures. In the current election cycle the conservationists, backing another measure, claimed that they’d be

Dalrymple Wants To Expand Conservation Fund, Spend $30 Million On State Parks

Today Governor Jack Dalrymple announced a proposed expansion North Dakota’s existing conservation fund, the Outdoor Heritage Fund. It was a move no doubt intended to defuse some of the angst over conservation in the state ahead of a vote on Measure 5 which diverts a massive amount of oil tax revenues into a conservation fund that,

Opponents: Conservation Measure Would Create The 6th Largest State Agency

Measure 5 on the November ballot would create a section of the North Dakota constitution diverting a big chunk of the state’s oil tax revenues into a conservation fund. It would also mandate that 75 percent of that fund be spent every year. Given that North Dakota is now the second largest producer of oil