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North Dakota Grain Growers: USDA Should End Relationship With Ducks Unlimited

North Dakota Grain Growers: USDA Should End Relationship With Ducks Unlimited

Ducks Unlimited has gotten behind Measure 5 – which would diver hundreds of millions in oil tax revenues every biennium to a conservation fund – in a big, big way. Their regional director, Steve Adair, is also the chairman of the coalition group backing the measure called North Dakotans for Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks.

Val Wagner: Conservation Measure Is A Wolf In Geese Clothing

November is sneaking up on us…which means that it’s time to start thinking about what’s going to happen at the ballot box. And, let me tell you, as a North Dakotan, there’s a few things that have me concerned. Let me take a minute to explain to you one of my largest concerns: The “Clean

Surprise: Conservation Measure Supporters Understated Cost By 75 Percent

If you were one of the North Dakotans approached by the supposedly “volunteer” signature collectors for the conservation measure (these “volunteers” were so expensive the group backing the measure spent at least $8 per signature collected), you were probably told that the measure would divert only a tiny amount of state tax revenues into a

If Conservationists Say They Didn't Use Paid Petitioners, They're Lying

Yesterday a SAB reader contacted me to say he heard a report on the radio indicating that the North Dakotans for Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks are claiming they didn’t use paid petitioners to gather signatures for a conservation measure that would divert billions in oil tax revenues to conservation projects over its lifetime. Sure

Conservationists Spent More Than $8 Per Petition Signature

The conservation activists backing a ballot measure to divert hundreds of millions of dollars in oil tax revenues (billions over the measure’s 25 year lifespan) into a conservation fund with mandated spending turned in their signatures yesterday. And they turned in a lot. Over 41,000 according to their press release, when just less than 27,000

Conservationists Spend Almost $900,000 Collecting Over 41,000 Signatures For Ballot Measure

According to a press release sent out by North Dakotans for Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks, that coalition of conservation and environmental groups has just dumped over 41,000 signatures on the Secretary of State in support of their ballot measure. The measure, if approved for the ballot and passed in November, would diver hundreds of

What Has Hurt ND Wildlife More: Oil Development, Or Harsh Winters And High Crop Prices?

Fargo Forum reporter Patrick Springer is something of a punchline in North Dakota circles. He produces one-sided hit pieces that prompt much eye-rolling in public policy circles, his latest being a “special report” about conservation in North Dakota that’s so special he apparently couldn’t find anyone aside from conservation activists to interview for it. Nor

North Dakota Conservation Activists Aren't Honest About Cost Of The Ballot Measure

Conservation activists backing the Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Amendment are pretty sensitive about the cost of their measure. As they collect signatures to put it on the ballot in November, they claim that it will only divert about $150 million per biennium from oil extraction tax collections. Steve Adair – Ducks Unlimited regional boss

Some Inconvenient Truth For North Dakota Conservationists

As we work our way through another election cycle toward the November ballot, North Dakota is having a debate about conservation. A coalition of conservation activists like Ducks Unlimited are pushing petitions to put a measure on that ballot which would divert hundreds of millions in state tax revenues to a conservation fund (which said

Why Are Conservationists Being So Coy About Their Signature Collection Efforts?

The activists backing a constitutional amendment to fund conservation with oil tax dollars – called the Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks amendment – have been making a full-court press for signatures. They need 26,904 signatures from North Dakota citizens by August 6th to make the November ballot. In 2013 alone they group spent over $329,000