Audio: Clueless Telemarketer Tries To Push Measure 5, Knows Nothing About It


A reader sent me the audio above this evening of a telemarketer who called him urging a “yes” vote on Measure 5.

That measure is the one seeking to divert hundreds of millions of dollars per biennium to conservation. It’s been backed by millions in spending by special interest groups who have basically bought their way onto the ballot.

I guess they also thought paying a bunch of clueless telemarketers to push the issue on people by phone was a great way to spend some of that money.

“A guy asking me to support Measure 5 called and I happened to have my computer on and recorded our conversation,” the reader told me. ” I tried to act dumb, (wasn’t too hard), but ask some basic questions.”

The questions were pretty basic, and the telemarketer’s responses are hilarious. Right off the bat, the telemarketer says he can’t say what Measure 5 is because…he’s already turned the page in his script and can’t go back!

At another point, the SAB reader asks how the measure – which is called the Clean Water, Wildlife And Parks Amendment by its supporters – how exactly it will keep water clean.

The telemarketers response? “I don’t know.”

We’re just supposed to take it on faith, I guess.