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Is North Dakota Getting Carried Away With The Ballot Measures?

Currently Secretary of State Al Jaeger’s office is reviewing signatures submitted by three ballot measure committees. If there are enough valid signatures, those three measures will join five already on the ballot bringing the total number of measures voters will be considering in November to eight. That’s more than any of the last 15 statewide

School Start Petitioners Say They Have Signatures, Would Be 8th Measure On Ballot

It looks like every petition still in circulation in the state for the November ballot is going to make it. A couple of weeks ago the petition to repeal the state’s pharmacy protection law made the ballot. Yesterday the conservation measure petitioners turned in 41,000 signatures, so they’re undoubtedly on the ballot too (unless they

Amendment To Resolution Would Ban Initiated Constitutional Measures That Appropriate Money

Update: Senator David Hogue emails to make it clear that this amendment impacts only constituitonal measures. Statutory measures that appropriate money, or direct appropriations, would be ok. After rampant signature fraud on two ballot measures last year, North Dakota’s legislature has been grappling with reform for the initiated measure process. One proposal is SCR4006 which,