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Rugged terrain and hot, windy conditions are keeping local volunteer firefighters on scene for up to 30 hours at a time as they work to prevent a fire in the Badlands from doing even more damage. AMY DALRYMPLE/BISMARCK TRIBUNE

Ballot Measure Petition Submitted to Create Special License Plates for Emergency Responders

Ballot Measure Petition Submitted to Create Special License Plates for Emergency Responders

The North Dakota Secretary of State’s office has received for approval a proposed ballot measure which would create a special license plate for emergency responders. The measure says it’s specifically for volunteer responders, but as you can see from the text of the measure the definition of volunteers includes some professionals: This is a statutory

Brandon Muhs, front, of Fargo, North Dakota, pushes a dolly cart with boxes containing petition signatures into the Secretary of State's office on 7-11-2016 for a medical marijuana initiative for consideration on the November ballot. Initiative committee chairman Rilie Ray Morgan, second from right, and his wife, Rita, far right, also of Fargo, were among a group of supporters gathering at the state Capitol in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Here’s an Idea for Initiated Measures: Require That They Go Through the Legislature First

The initiated measure process is a terrible way to make public policy, and the 2016 election cycle proved it. Not only did voters approve a medical marijuana measure that forgot to, you know, decriminalize medical marijuana they also cast their ballots for Marsy’s Law, a constitutional amendment which is already diminishing the amount of justice

Here Are the Measures Which Will Be on North Dakota’s Statewide Ballot in November

The deadlines have passed, the signatures have been submitted and verified, and the Secretary of State’s office announced today which measures will be on the ballot come November. And while I’ve lost my appetite for legislating at the ballot box over the last several cycles, for those of us who make a living writing about

House Passes Amendment Forcing "Major" Spending Measures To General Election Ballot

In 2014 one of the eight (!!!) ballot measures North Dakotans voted on was Measure 4, a constitutional amendment passed by the Legislature which did two things. First, it required that measures with a significant fiscal impact be placed on the general election ballot. Second, it prohibited constitutional amendments which would require the legislature to

State House Resurrects Amendment On Expensive Ballot Measures

On election day 2014 the North Dakota delivered a bloodbath for eight measures on the statewide ballot. All but one of them failed, including Measure 4 which would have amended the state constitution to require a) that measures with a “significant” cost in tax dollars go on the general election ballot and b) constitutional amendments