School Start Petitioners Say They Have Signatures, Would Be 8th Measure On Ballot


It looks like every petition still in circulation in the state for the November ballot is going to make it.

A couple of weeks ago the petition to repeal the state’s pharmacy protection law made the ballot. Yesterday the conservation measure petitioners turned in 41,000 signatures, so they’re undoubtedly on the ballot too (unless they run into fraud problems again). The shared parenting petitioners have turned in their signatures, and now I’m told that the petitions to require that all school districts start school after Labor Day have the signatures.

August 6th is the deadline. If all the signatures check out, voters will have eight ballot measures to vote on in November.

In addition to the pharmacy measure, the conservation measure, the school start measure and the shared parenting measure, there were four measure put on the ballot by the Legislature:

  • Measure 1: SCR4009  if passed, would recognize life as existing at every stage of human development
  • Measure 2: HCR3006  would ban mortgage taxes
  • Measure 3: HCR3047 would eliminate the existing part-time State Board of Higher and replace it with a full-time, three-member higher education commission
  • Measure 4: HCR3011 would prohibit any constitutional amendment from directing the Legislature to make appropriations

Right now it’s looking like the shared parenting measure will be Measure 5, though that’s not official yet.

The pharmacy, conservation and school start measures would be 6 – 8.

I’m not sure what the record is for the number of measures on one ballot, but if eight isn’t the record it has to be close.