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North Dakota’s Outgoing Insurance Commissioner Says He Would “Absolutely” Accept Trump Appointment

North Dakota’s Outgoing Insurance Commissioner Says He Would “Absolutely” Accept Trump Appointment

Insurance Commissioner Adam Hamm will be out of office soon. He opted not to run for another term, and yesterday voters elected fellow Republican Jon Godfread to replace him. But now Hamm says he’s “honored” to be mentioned as a possible member of the Trump administration: Hamm’s name was mentioned by LifeProNews, an insurance industry

Adam Hamm: Doug Burgum Isn't Telling The Truth

In another violation of President Reagan’s eleventh commandment, Doug Burgum has again resorted to attacking a fellow Republican in order to bolster his failing campaign. Worse yet, his allegation in a recent letter to Republican delegates that Wayne Stenehjem is an Obamacare supporter is absolutely false. In fact, it is ridiculous. Here is the truth. Wayne Stenehjem has long opposed Obamacare

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Fargo State Senator Jon Casper Considering Insurance Commissioner Race

Earlier this week we learned that nine year Republican incumbent Adam Hamm would not be seeking a third term as Insurance Commissioner. “That’s a lot of time dealing with Obamacare on a daily basis, dealing with fallout from Dodd-Frank which had an impact on insurance,” he told me. “It’s time to let someone else serve.”

Settlement Over Maryland Obamacare Exchange Puts North Dakota's Largest Insurer In A Bad Spot

It’s been a rough year for North Dakota’s largest insurer. First state officials decided to pull the health insurance for the Public Employees Retirement System – which provides coverage for over 66,000 state employees, a contract worth as much as $640 million per biennium- from Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota and give it to

Looking To 2016: Republicans Facing Retirements, Democrats Facing Scarcity Of Candidates

With the 2015 legislative session in the books we’re heading into the doldrums of North Dakota politics. There isn’t going to be a lot of activity until this fall when candidates begin to emerge for the 2016 election year. Until then, it’s all speculation about who may be running and, just as importantly (particularly Republicans

Largest North Dakota Insurer Fined $60,000 For Obamacare-Related Infractions

North Dakota Insurance Commissioner Adam Hamm’s office sent out a press release this morning announcing a fine for Noridian, the parent company of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota, in the amount of $60,000 for a series of infractions. You can read the full press release here. The consent order is below. The first

North Dakota Insurance Commissioner: Why Not Give States The Choice To Opt Out Of Obamacare?

With Republicans set to have majorities in Congress next year (once we get through what is sure to be an interesting lame-duck session of the current Congress), the question of repealing Obamacare is on the table. Except, that’s not likely to happen. President Barack Obama is sure to veto any bill repealing his signature legislation,

North Dakota Obamacare Enrollments Actually Worse Than Even House Republicans Have Said

The Obama administration is touting over 8 million Obamacare enrollments nationwide, but they’re silent on how many people have actually paid for those policies. So House Republicans conducted a survey of their own, through the Energy and Commerce Committee, and found that nationally just 67 percent of enrollees have effectuated their policies by paying for