North Dakota Obamacare Enrollments Actually Worse Than Even House Republicans Have Said


The Obama administration is touting over 8 million Obamacare enrollments nationwide, but they’re silent on how many people have actually paid for those policies. So House Republicans conducted a survey of their own, through the Energy and Commerce Committee, and found that nationally just 67 percent of enrollees have effectuated their policies by paying for them.

In North Dakota, the numbers according to the House committee are 65 percent effectuated and 35 percent not effectuated as of April 15th.

But according to North Dakota Insurance Commissioner Adam Hamm’s office, those numbers (as bad as they are) actually overstate effectuated policies in North Dakota. The numbers reported to Hamm indicate that that less than half of North Dakota’s Obamacare enrollees have effectuated their policies, which is something I wrote about for today:

According to data from the North Dakota Insurance Commissioner’s office, the federal government is claiming 10,597 enrollments in health insurance policies offered through But the three companies selling policies in North Dakota through the federal exchange — Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medica and Sanford — have reported to Insurance Commissioner Adam Hamm that as of May 1 just 5,069 of the policies have been effectuated.

That’s less than 48 percent of the federal government’s enrollment total.

Hamm’s numbers are through May 1st. The House Republican numbers are through April 15th. So even with a longer time window, the actual number of effectuated policies is coming in way below expectations.

The percentage is actually down from early March when roughly 53 percent of policies were effectuated. So, the percentage is getting worse.

Just to put into perspective how bad that is, the Obama administration has estimated 68,403 people in North Dakota were uninsured and eligible for enrollment through the exchange.

Where are all these uninsured people who were supposedly going to flock to the exchange to get the insurance they needed?

Do you think maybe, just maybe, Democrats might have oversold the uninsured problem?

The full report from Commissioner Hamm’s office, including a breakdown of effectuated policies by the three companies operating through the federal exchange in North Dakota, is below.

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