Socialists Are Only Generous With Other People's Money


I had to laugh at this letter to the editor in the High Plains Reader this week.

It describes a fundraising effort in Fargo for socialist Bernie Sanders, who is currently running for the Democrat presidential nomination. Apparently organizers saw it as a great success!

On June 29, more than 150 people showed up to our first fundraiser. We raised over $400 at Beers for Bernie at Scheels Arena and saw passion and enthusiasm from people of all ages and backgrounds, and we’ve already signed up 145 volunteers!

“We are up against a billionaire class that is intent on destroying our democracy, and we need to take it back!” the Facebook page for the event stated. Apparently Sanders delivered a video message as well, and 100 percent of the “profits” (oooooh, evil) from the event were to have been donated to the Sanders campaign.

Getting 150 out for a socialist candidate in Fargo isn’t too shabby, I suppose, but raising “over $400” for the candidate seems downright laughable.

That works out to less than $3 per person.

I guess socialists are only generous with other people’s money.