Things are going to be pretty slow around SAB for the rest of this week, and probably pretty hit-and-miss next week. My wife and I will be in the hospital having our third child.

If you’re wondering, it’s a boy, and we’re naming him Cooper Robert Port. We’re very excited.

As most of you readers know, SAB is pretty much a one-man band (aside from the excellent weekly columns from the regular cast of contributors), so when I take time off things sort of go dark. Can’t really be helped. Even bloggers need to take some personal time now and then.

The regular columns will stay on schedule, but contributions from me specifically will be pretty much non-existent. I also won’t hosting my WDAY radio show today or appearing tomorrow on Valley News Live with Chris Berg for our regular Wednesday evening segmen. I will also miss my regular Thursday morning segment with Rick Jensen on KHND in Harvey.

probably won’t doing any of that next week either, depending on how things are going. My newspaper column should go out as planned, however.

Wish us luck, and feel free to talk among yourselves.