Sinner Is So Confident Of Winning He's Already Renting An Apartment In…Bismarck?


Democrats are working hard to convince people of their confidence in winning North Dakota’s at-large House race. They’ve been pitching an internal poll to national media, though it’s interesting that Sinner’s campaign hasn’t mentioned it on their official website, Facebook page, or Twitter account.

They clearly haven’t been pitching it to the North Dakota media either, as there’s been nary a mention of it since it was released (er, “leaked,” supposedly) last week.

Maybe they think North Dakotans might be confused by a poll which samples registered voters in a state where there is no voter registration. Or maybe the poll is just about convincing national liberal donors that North Dakota is a winnable race so they’ll shore up Sinner’s fundraising which is lagging way behind not only Cramer’s total but Democrat candidate Pam Gullleson’s fundraising from the 2012 cycle.

Either way, despite the Democrats’ (selective) hyping of this poll, it doesn’t seem the candidate himself is very confident of victory.

A reader from Bismarck sends along this message:

I thought you might be interested to know that George Sinner (candidate) was in Bismarck last week lining up living quarters for the 2015 Legislative Session! I know because he was at the building where I live and own a condominium apartment. In the 2013 session, he stayed in an apartment right down the hall from me, and he was here to discuss the same arrangement with the owners. I know these people quite well and  visited them in Arizona last winter. They were happy to let me know about his visit because they thought it kind of funny, with him actually involved in a campaign for Congress right now! It doesn’t say much for his level of confidence, does it?

No, it sure doesn’t.

Sinner was elected to serve as Senator from District 46 (Fargo) in 2012, and attended his first legislative session in 2013. He’ll be up for re-election in 2016, and based on his actions, he seems to be planning to be a lawmaker in Bismarck instead of Washington DC next year.

Which is just another in a long line of gaffes in Sinner’s campaign. Starting with the multiple false-starts to his campaign earlier this year to his attacks on Cramer’s missed votes in Washington DC which revealed that Sinner himself went on vacation during last year’s legislative session, you don’t exactly get a sense of competence out of the Sinner camp.