Senate Candidate Tom Campbell Releases Fourth – Yes, Fourth – Television Ad


Say what you want about state Senator Tom Campbell and his campaign for the U.S. Senate, but he’s been a boon for marketers in North Dakota. At least in terms of television ads, he’s already campaigning as though it were September of 2018 instead of September 2017.

He’s just released his fourth campaign ad of the election cycle, and we’re 418 days from election day.

His campaign consultants have to be making a killing off this.

So far we’ve had “Combine and a Prayer” as well as the pro-Trump ad “Message,” and at the end of last month we got “Threshing.”

Now there’s “New Crop,” which takes a stab at a goofy metaphor about Washington D.C. dirt and the “gridlock and government” which grows out of it.

This is the sort of ad which makes me wonder if political advertising on television even works any more. Boring. Cookie-cutter.

I guess Campbell has to raise his name identification to take on Heitkamp, but there have got to be more creative and less annoying ways to do it than this:

“We have too many career politicians in Washington who are only interested in growing gridlock and government, when they should be partnering with President Trump to enact a conservative agenda. It’s time for a new crop in Washington D.C.” Campbell says in a release that went out touting the ad. “Unlike Senator Heitkamp, I am an outsider who will fight to end Obamacare, overhaul our tax code and shrink the size of government. North Dakotans deserve a consistent conservative and that’s what I am.”

Yeah, he’s still calling himself an outsider.

Anyway, Campbell is the only Republican in the race officially, though there’s a long list of other candidates who are considering getting in. Incumbent Democrat Heidi Heitkamp announced her re-election campaign yesterday.