Scaled-back ridesharing regulations pass Illinois House, Senate


SPRINGFIELD — Regulations on the ridesharing industry passed, regardless of the sponsor saying the measure was dead for this General Assembly.

Sate Rep. Mike Zalewski said the rush to pass the scaled-back measure is because he promised to have some regulations in place by the end of the year. However, Zalewski said most parties affected support the new measure except for the insurance industry and some concerns raised by bankers.

Not every lawmaker was on board with the scaled-back compromise. State Rep. David Harris said he thought the original bill was better.

“The bill that we had was – 4075 — was good regulation, this is OK, but the gentleman himself, for all of his hard work, has said there’s more to come,” he said. “If there’s more to come, let’s not pass this, let’s go back and get it right from the beginning.

The measures, attached as an amendment to a tax preparer regulation bill, creates the Transportation Network Providers Act, provides for driver requirements and safety and operational requirements.

Zalewski said he hopes to address other concerns, including insurance issues, in the spring session with a new legislature.

With no debate, the Senate also voted in favor of the scaled-back measure which now heads to the governor’s desk.