SC senator explains discrepancies on income-disclosure forms


By Rick Brundrett | The Nerve

When U.S. Senate candidate Lee Bright, a Republican state senator from Spartanburg County, filed his required federal income-disclosure form last month, he listed a company he owns as one of his private income sources.

That company, BBD LLC, is not listed, however, on an income-disclosure form that Bright voluntarily submitted in May to the South Carolina Policy CouncilThe Nerve’s parent organization — as part of the Policy Council’s “Project Conflict Watch.”

The project was launched in April to encourage state lawmakers and other elected officials to voluntarily report their private sources of income. To date, 44 state officials and one local official have participated.

State law requires elected officials to annually report their public, though not their private, income sources to the State Ethics Commission, known as a “statement of economic interests.”

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