Michigan superintendent makes false claim about compensation


By Tom Gantert | Michigan Capitol Confidential

An Oakland County public school superintendent who makes $180,853 a year says it is misleading to say the $17,992 her district contributes for her health care and another $40,650 to cover her retirement costs are part of her total compensation.

And the Oakland Press claims many other superintendents agree with her.

Farmington Public Schools Superintendent Susan Zurvalec claimed the Mackinac Center for Public Policy was misleading the public by including retirement and health care insurance costs in her total compensation after the local newspaper reported it, citing a database provided by the free market think tank.

The Oakland Press did a story about the cost of superintendents and cited Zurvalec and her total compensation of $277,900. The superintendent said her total compensation was $212,275 without state-required contributions for insurance and retirement costs.

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