Sad: Two Years Later And Hundreds Of North Dakota Flood Victims Still Living In Temporary Federal Housing


Two years ago the City of Minot was inundated by catastrophic flood waters. About a third of the city’s population was displaced. Thousands of homes were destroyed.

Today the city is well on the road to recovery. Most homes are being rebuilt. The community is coming back together. Yet still, in a sad commentary on the state of government dependence, hundreds of temporary FEMA trailer homes are still occupied by flood victims:

KXNet – Bismarck/Minot/Williston/Dickinson

This is portrayed as a positive, and to be sure it’s nice to see the occupancy rates dropping, but the idea that there are still people living in government housing two years later is appalling.

When does temporary housing stop being temporary? Two years? Three years?

At what point are you no longer helping people who want to be helped and are instead propping up people who don’t really want to recover?