Roosevelt Descendant Bashes Oil Boom, But Hasn't Been To North Dakota In Five Years


Yesterday I wrote about Winthrop Roosevelt narrating a video for the Center for American Progress (a left-wing George Soros subsidiary) in which he claims that North Dakota’s “unchecked [oil] development is on a collision course with one of America’s truly special places.”

He’s talking about Theodore Roosevelt National Park, of course, but the problem is that Mr. Roosevelt hasn’t actually been in North Dakota during the oil boom. By his own admission, he hasn’t visited the state in about five years.

Winthrop Roosevelt spent a summer at Medora during the late 1990s working as a grill chef at the Chuckwagon. He said he last visited the state about four or five years ago and hopes to return this summer.

“I do love the Badlands and I love the time I spent in North Dakota,” Roosevelt said.

Roosevelt said he is not opposed to oil development, but he doesn’t think it should come at the cost of the national park and the beauty of the Badlands. He suggests a possible buffer zone around the park or moratorium on certain types of activities immediately outside of the park.

I’m sure Mr. Roosevelt will be visiting North Dakota soon to pay lip service to the words the environmental activists are feeding him, but it’s clear he doesn’t have any honest positions on this issue which he arrived at on his own.

Because how could he? He’s making judgmental, declarative statements about the impact of the oil boom on the national park and western North Dakota in general without having actually visited either during the oil boom.

Update: Meanwhile, Eliot Roosevelt (grandson of Franklin Roosevelt) is an oil man revolutionizing the industry in Texas.