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North Dakota Isn't The Only State Plagued With Spend-Happy Republicans

North Dakota Isn't The Only State Plagued With Spend-Happy Republicans

“What courage really is is, in the face of having a surplus, when you have an opportunity to spend spend spend other people’s money, that you still choose to rein in government,” said Sarah Palin in 2012 in comments directed that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Those words came to mind as I read this

Legislator: "Shame" That Tribes Won't Commit To Spending Oil Tax Money On Improving Reservation

The House had a hot debate over oil taxes this evening, but it wasn’t just about a reduction in the rate for the oil extraction tax (more on that here). The primary purpose of HB1234 was to establish the state’s oil revenue sharing with the tribes. It’s appropriate that tribal governments get a share of

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Fargo Forum Editor Is Glad Western North Dakotans Have Crappy Cell Phone Service

One of the most irritating things about the debate in North Dakota over the rapid industrial, social and economic development of western North Dakota is the complaining about people who would rather it stay a desolate, sparsely-populated wasteland because they think that sort of thing is quaint. One of the worst offenders in this regard

Tax Credits Will Do Little To Curb Flaring

There’s some common ground between folks who are friendly to oil development and environmental activists who want to shut it down over legislation handing out tax credits for reductions in natural gas flaring. As oil production in North Dakota’s oil patch has increased, so has natural gas flaring. So much so that, seen from space,

North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple

This Year's Roughrider Award Ceremony Might Be A Little Awkward

In the past Governor Jack Dalrymple, and his predecessor Governor John Hoeven, have been criticized for picking too many Republicans for the state’s Roughrider Award. Several of the most recent recipients have, it’s true, been big contributors to Republican politics, though I’m not sure that should necessarily diminish the accomplishments that earned them the award.

The State Of North Dakota Is Drinking This Guy's Milkshake

Black Gold Boom has an interesting interview with Stan Reep, a North Dakota man who owns property along the Missouri River. Mr. Reep is suing the State of North Dakota after the state re-surveyed the shoreline of the river and re-established a “historical” high water mark that usurps a significant amount of land rights from

Roosevelt Descendant Bashes Oil Boom, But Hasn't Been To North Dakota In Five Years

Yesterday I wrote about Winthrop Roosevelt narrating a video for the Center for American Progress (a left-wing George Soros subsidiary) in which he claims that North Dakota’s “unchecked [oil] development is on a collision course with one of America’s truly special places.” He’s talking about Theodore Roosevelt National Park, of course, but the problem is

Teddy Roosevelt's Descendent Says Slow Down North Dakota's Oil Boom

Winthrop Roosevelt, the great-great-grandson of former President Theodore Roosevelt, has partnered with Bismarck Tribune columnist/environmental activist Clay Jenkinson as well as the George Soros-funded Center for American Progress to produce a video trashing North Dakota’s oil boom (see below). To go along with it, Roosevelt has also published a column in The Daily Beast in

Amendment To Let State Of North Dakota Write Checks To Individuals Fails

It’s a bit ironic that HCR3036 failed today. The constitutional amendment, introduced by Rep. Vicki Steiner, would add to the Article X Section 18 state constitution the following language allowing the state government to cut checks directly to individuals. The legislative assembly may provide by law for direct general allocations of state funds to North

Land Owners Win The Second Battle Of Killdeer Mountain

The Battle of Killdeer Mountain was a conflict between the US military and Sioux tribes in western North Dakota. It’s a fairly significant historical event, and there is a great deal of information and artifacts already collected from it. But here’s the thing: Today the Kildeer Mountain battlefield, much of which is privately owned, sits