Robert Marquette: Hoeven And Glassheim Spar Over Nonsense


Two of the three ND candidates for US Senate began their cat fight over the Memorial Day weekend.

According to news reports, Eliot Glassheim criticized John Hoeven’s support of Donald Trump, and apparently, the scandalous part is Hoeven won’t use the word “endorse” when mentioning his support for The Donald. Glassheim went for the kill with some rhetorical silliness about Hoeven supporting lower wages for working families, rounding up all the immigrants and leaving NATO so bad guys can load up on nuclear weapons.

Eliot Glassheim apparently didn’t get the memo that once a party has a presumptive presidential candidate, they close ranks and support their party’s leader through the general election. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to Eliot Glassheim because this is how establishment politics works. Perhaps, the DNC has yet to issue that memo because one of their presidential candidates could be indicted and the other could be beamed up to the mother ship any day now. The DNC seems to be waiting for something more contrete to work with.

John Hoeven responded to Glassheim’s attacks with:

“I’m supporting him, I’ve said that consistently. I’ve used the term ‘support’… Some people have used ‘support’ and ‘endorse’…”

[mks_pullquote align=”right” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]I think we should all be asking ourselves, why would Eliot Glassheim waste his time with this obvious nonsense when he could be attacking Hoeven on his voting record? ¬†Why not focus on what John Hoeven has actually done?[/mks_pullquote]

Wow! How could anyone withstand such a brutal rebuttal? Let’s face it. John Hoeven has built his political career upon a policy of not taking positions or saying anything of substance. He is Prince John. He expects to be coronated every time he runs for office, and committing himself to principals, ideals or openly endorsing a presidential candidate means he can’t change his mind without jeopardizing his re-coronation. He speaks in empty and disingenuous platitudes while doing nothing, saying nothing and believing in nothing, nor anyone, because it is the safest political strategy for him.

I think we should all be asking ourselves, why would Eliot Glassheim waste his time with this obvious nonsense when he could be attacking Hoeven on his voting record? Why not focus on what John Hoeven has actually done?

When John Hoeven took office, the national debt was about $13.6 trillion, and by the time he leaves office, the debt will be in the neighborhood of $20 trillion. Total tax revenue received by the US Treasury has risen from $2.16 trillion to $3.53 trillion. John Hoeven has voted for every single continuing, tax and spend, resolution passed into law. He voted for the Cr-omnibus budget package in 2014, and he voted for the 2016 Omnibus Act in December of 2015. In reality, John Hoeven has voted to increase tax revenues by 63%, and he has voted to increase our national debt by 47%.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Hoeven’s betrayals. And, none of us should be surprised that Glassheim would rather talk nonsense than deal with the facts. As a tax and spend liberal democrat, Eliot Glassheim wouldn’t find anything wrong with these numbers. In fact, big government democrats like Glassheim probably think that Hoeven hasn’t taxed and spent enough.

John Hoeven and Eliot Glassheim are two clowns in the establishment’s political circus. So, we can expect more comedy acts from them throughout the election. Another thing we can expect is that neither of them want to admit there is a grownup in the race. By keeping each other in the headlines, with silly bickering over nonsense, they hope my name will get lost in the chaos. Both of them are terrified that the media will mention the Libertarian candidate in the race–the one candidate that isn’t owned by special interests or controlled by political handlers.

The last thing either of them wants is for the political discussion to shift to something meaningful. They don’t want the discussion to include my moral and ethical convictions to end deficit spending, slash the federal budget, pay down the debt, audit and eliminate the Federal Reserve, end the IRS, eliminate the Affordable Care Act, transition to a Constitutional gold and silver currency and decentralize government by restoring the constitutional limits on the federal government and returning power and control back to the states and individuals.

This November, we have the opportunity to tell the political circus clowns, John Hoeven and Eliot Glassheim, to crawl back into their tiny little clown car and drive away. And, I believe that, with God’s blessing, the grass fires of Libertarian love for freedom will spread. And, when North Dakotans hear our message, they will know they now have a choice other than the lesser of two evils. We have the opportunity to make history. And, history will tell how the people of North Dakota either laid down and allowed America to crumble into decay, or history will tell how the people of North Dakota had the courage of conviction to be the first state to elect a Libertarian senator, congressman and governor. And, when this happens, it will be said that it was North Dakotans who were the courageous patriots that gave birth to America’s Renaissance of Freedom.