Republican Legislator Introduces Bill To Stop State Enforcement Of Any New Federal Gun Control Laws


Rep. Roscoe Streyle is on the verge of filing new legislation aimed at protecting North Dakota from any new federal gun control laws. Yesterday Vice President Joe Biden, appointed head of Obama’s gun control task force, hinted at the possibility of new regulations and restrictions through executive order. Streyle hopes his bill would make sure that any new federal gun control laws would have to be enforced exclusively by federal officials.

Streyle’s law wouldn’t go so far as nullification, it wouldn’t prohibit federal laws from being enforced in the state, it would just mandate that no state resources be used to enforce them. It also wouldn’t prohibit the state from passing stricter gun control laws. It’s intent is to ensure that the gun control policy enforced by North Dakota officials is policy North Dakota lawmakers approve of.

A draft copy of the legislation (which Streyle says is the framework but will still go through some tweaks before formal introduction) is below. Streyle tells me it will ultimately have co-sponsors from legislators around the state.


Draft Legislation For Gun Protection Bill by Rob Port