Republican Lawmaker Calls Homosexuals "Mentally Ill" After Supreme Court Ruling


This week was a week of controversial rulings from the Supreme Court, and not surprisingly those rulings elicited a lot of emotional responses on social media. But one North Dakota lawmaker may have let his emotions get the best of him.

Rep. Dwight Kiefert, a Republican from Valley City, took to his personal Facebook account after SCOTUS issued a ruling in Obergefell v.Hodges striking down laws banning gay marriage. In his badly misspelled posting, Kiefert suggested that “homisexuals” are “metally ill.”


Clearly, somebody needs to take Kiefert’s social media privileges away. He’s not doing himself, or his fellow Republicans, any favors with this kind of hysterical nonsense.

I reached out to someone from the NDGOP for comment. “Regardless of how you feel about same sex marriage the comments of Rep. Keifert are incredibly unfortunate,” party Vice Chairman Jim Poolman told me this evening. “I don’t believe, once again, he speaks for a significant part of our party. I frankly find it disturbing.”

Kiefert, SAB readers will remember, was the state lawmaker who objected to an invocation from a Muslim spiritual leader to be delivered to the North Dakota state House earlier this year. Dr. Nadim Koleilat ultimately delivered his invocation to the state Senate instead.

Even after initially apologizing for offending people (an apology that was ultimately pulled from Facebook) Kiefert later threatened to boycott Koleilat if he was invited back to the House chamber to deliver an invocation.

Update: In a follow up comment Rep. Keifert compare homosexualtiy to beastiality.