Rep. Craig Headland: Setting the Record Straight on the Meals on Wheels Program


We need to set the record straight on state funding for the Senior Mill Levy Match.

The state funding for Meals on Wheels is not being cut.

In fact, the proposed appropriation for the program in the next biennium is $7 million, an increase from the program’s current funding level. The bill regarding this funding provides for legislative oversite instead of automatic increases.

The state match funding has automatically increased 227% over the last five biennia. This bill allows those receiving these funds to be part of the budgeting process for the next biennium, creating better tax policy.

Any reports of this vital program being cut are politically motivated and sensationalized. And while the program didn’t get as big an increase as supporters wanted, it is still an increase and at a time when most budgets are being cut 15% to 20%. Our priority has always been taking care of those who need it the most, including our senior citizens.

As Chairman of the House Finance & Tax Committee, I have been working with the other members of the committee to create the best possible policy for the next biennium, and we will continue to fund important programs like Meals on Wheels.