Print Column: I’m a Dangerous Nazi (Allegedly)


MINOT, N.D. — I’m a dangerous Nazi.

That’s according to a professor at Minot State University who was supposed to moderate an event I’d been invited to speak at by Dr. Robert Kibler who chairs the Department of Foreign Languages, Humanities, and Literature there.

Kibler told me the colleague he’d chosen to moderate the event had pulled out. She said she didn’t feel safe in a room with me. That the venue, the lovely Northwest Arts Center Gallery, didn’t have enough egress points through which she could flee if I became enraged.

Ultimately organizers found another person to guide the event, and I wasn’t told about the original moderator’s fears until afterward.

Her’s were not the only objections to my participation in an on-campus event. My counterpart in the event, which was a dialogue about the future of higher education, was Dan Conn. He’s a professor of education at MSU, and told me he’d been encouraged not to speak with me. During the event itself members of the audience mentioned there had been some level of protest on campus about my inclusion.

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