Print Column: Health Department’s Fiscal Note for Recreational Marijuana Measure Is Ridiculous


MINOT, N.D.—The Legislative Management Committee in Bismarck recently considered reports on the fiscal impacts of the four ballot measures on our November ballot.

This is an important step in the legislative process, allowing the various state agencies to chime in on what sort of impacts these measures might have if they’re approved by voters.

For instance, the Department of Transportation estimates the state will lose about $17.7 million in revenue from vehicle registrations over the next decade if Measure 4 is approved. Passage of that measure would give first responders free license plates as free access to state parks.

That’s important information to know when considering whether to vote for Measure 4.

Assuming the information is accurate, and calculated in good faith.

The Department of Health did not meet those standards with the cost estimate they provided lawmakers for the implementation of Measure 3, which would legalize recreational marijuana.

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