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Kelsey Grammer Cuts Ad for Marsy’s Law

Kelsey Grammer Cuts Ad for Marsy’s Law

The vast majority of North Dakota’s legal system – from cops to defense attorneys to prosecutors to victim’s rights groups – is united in opposition to Measure 3. That’s Marsy’s Law, which sitting state Supreme Court Justice Dale Sandstrom called “a hobby farm for an eccentric billionaire.” But television’s Dr. Frasier Crane thinks it’s ok

North Dakota Supreme Court Justice Dale Sandstrom listens to oral arguments Tuesday Oct. 30, 2012 in the Baker Courtroom at the University of North Dakota Law School. John Stennes / Forum News Service

ND Supreme Court Justice Dale Sandstrom Calls Marsy’s Law “a Hobby Farm for an Eccentric Billionaire”

North Dakota Supreme Court Justice Dale Sandstrom will be stepping down at the end of his current term, to be replaced by either Judge Jerod Tufte or Bismarck attorney Robert Bolinske who are competing on the November ballot. Yesterday he spoke to the Cass County Bar Association and a SAB reader in attendance tipped me

Kathleen Wrigley, chair of the Marsy's Law for North Dakota ballot measure, announces Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2015, in Fargo the measure for the November 2016 ballot with the sooty of area victims' rights advocates. Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

Audio: ND Fraternal Order of Police Says Marsy’s Law Would Complicate Investigations, Proponent Says Critics Are Misinformed

I had both sides of the Marsy’s Law issue on my radio show yesterday. Grant Benjamin, president of the North Dakota Fraternal Order of Police, was on to discuss his organization’s recent decision to oppose the ballot measure which is number 3 on the November ballot. Benjamin, saying that the vote was unanimous against the

Attorney At Heart Of DSU Foundation Mess Was Spokesman Against Measure 3

It’s ironic that, shortly after voters rejected Measure 3 which was put on the ballot by a frustrated Legislature to address problems in higher education by restructuring the university system’s governance, the system once again finds itself embroiled in scandal. The Dickinson State University Foundation is in chaos, with finances so thoroughly screwed up that

Make No Mistake: North Dakota's University System Is Fundamentally Flawed

In an editorial about the outcome of Measure 3, a constitutional amendment to reform the way the state’s university system is governed which lost by a wide margin on election day, the Fargo Forum praises the wisdom of the voters. Which is ironic given editorial writer Jack Zaleski’s angst-ridden rant about the outcome of Measure 5

LegitSlater: 2014 Mid Term Election Reflection

It’s finally over. The ads have grown annoying, even for the candidates and measures I support. I am worn out from debating the issues in this election. I can only imagine how the candidates and committees feel as they have been living it for the past several months. As I write this (it’s Tuesday night,

Bismarck Tribune Backs Measure 3 To Change Leadership Of The University System

I am not hopeful that Measure 3 will get the approval of a majority of voters next week. After putting the constitutional amendment on the ballot the lawmakers who voted for it did very little to make an affirmative argument for it to voters. Meanwhile, the opponents of the measure have spent almost $100,000 (most

LegitSlater: My Take on the Measures- 7 and 8

This post wraps up my take on the initiated measures on the November ballot. In week 1 I addressed Measures 1, 2, and 3 (Yes, Yes, and Yes). Last week I covered Measures 4, 5, and 6 (Yes, No, and Yes). This week I’ll finish up with 7 and 8. MEASURE 7 What it says: This initiated

LegitSlater: My Take on the Measures- 4 through 6

This post is the second of three I am doing on the initiated measures we will decide on by November 4th. Rob and all his other cast of supporting bloggers are having fun giving their take on the measures, as am I. Last week I addressed Measures 1, 2, and 3 (Yes, Yes, and Yes). This

LegitSlater: My Take on the Measures- 1 through 3

I have a short list of things I would like to write about in my rhapsodies on SayAnythingBlog. Since I generally only have time to do this weekly, I write ideas down in a notebook as they come to me, and cross them off once I do the post. It’s a good system; one I