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North Dakotans Vote Down Recreational Marijuana but Re-Elect Drunk Drivers

North Dakotans Vote Down Recreational Marijuana but Re-Elect Drunk Drivers

This letter to theĀ Fargo Forum from Aaron Forde, reacting to my post yesterday about the forgiving attitude North Dakota voters seem to have for politicians who behave irresponsibly with alcohol, makes a lot of sense. Forde points out that, even as North Dakota voters cast their ballots for drunk drivers on the statewide and local

Podcast: Democrats Work to Confuse Voters

On the radio show today, we talked a lot about efforts by North Dakota Democrats to confuse voters. From their phony-baloney mailers promoting an independent candidate in the Secretary of State race to Facebook ads trying to scare hunters away from voting. Also state Rep. Shannon Roers Jones, a Republican from Fargo, and attorney Mark

Podcast: Birthright Citizenship, Complaints About Heitkamp Canvassers, Measure 3, Marc Lotter

On the radio show today we talked a lot about President Donald Trump proposing to make changes to birthright citizenship policies through executive order. Some callers also complained about the treatment they got from canvassers for Senator Heidi Heitkamp calling them on their phone. Justin Luke Riley of the Marijuana Accountability Coalition spoke about his

Podcast: Measure 3 Debate, Elizabeth Warren’s DNA, and Voter ID

On the radio show today we had an hour-long and very informative debate about Measure 3 which, if approved in November, would legalize recreational marijuana in North Dakota. David Owens from Legalize ND made the affirmative argument for the measure while Will Jones from Smart Approaches to Marijuana provided the counter argument. I also discussed

Podcast: Heitkamp’s Handling of Sex Abuse Case in the 1990’s, Burgum’s Fiscal Record, Opposition to Measure 3

On the radio show today we talked extensively about the bombshell Fox News story about Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s handling of a physical/sexual investigation involving a Native American school back in the 1990’s when she was Attorney General. Also Chris Edwards from the Cato Institute talked about their ranking North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum as the

Podcast: Rep. Marvin Nelson Talks Marijuana, House Majority Leader Al Carlson Talks #NoDAPL and Heidi Heitkamp

On the radio show today, Democratic state Representative Marvin Nelson talked about the challenges North Dakota lawmakers may face if Measure 3 to legalize recreational marijuana passes. He says the Legislature may have to tweak a few things, but that they’re more than capable of making it work. House Majority Leader Al Carlson also joined

Sean Foss: Legalizing Recreational Marijuana Creates Conundrum for Employers

This guest post was submitted by Fargo attorney Sean Foss. As North Dakota voters consider whether to approve Measure 3, which would generally legalize recreational marijuana use for those aged 21 and up, employers in the State face a particularly-difficult conundrum: if the measure passes, it will become illegal for most employers to discriminate against

When Measure 3 Opponents Say Legal Marijuana Won’t Produce Tax Revenues They’re Wrong

One of the blizzard of talking points opponents of Measure 3 (legalizing recreational marijuana) have deployed is the claim that it would not generate additional tax revenues for the state. It’s a rebuttal to the claim from marijuana supporters that legalizing the drug would be an economic boon, bringing black market commerce into the light

Senator Heitkamp Won’t Say Where She Stands on North Dakota’s Measure to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Recently a SAB reader who attended a discussion on addiction in West Fargo told me they overheard the host of that discussion, Senator Heidi Heitkamp, tell other attendees that Measure 3 is a bad idea. That measure, if approved by North Dakota voters in November, would make recreational marijuana legal in our state. Last week,

Podcast: NORML Representatives Talk Measure 3

On the radio show today, two representatives from the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws (NORML) spoke out in support of Measure 3 which, if passed, would legalize recreational marijuana in North Dakota. We also talked about the latest developments in the Kavanaugh confirmation process, a proposal to track the “place of last drink” of