Poll: Support For Gun Control Continues To Drop, Even Among Democrats


Democrats are still trying to hurry-up gun control legislation through Congress, and for good reason. Despite an uptick in support for gun control after the New Town, CT shootings, Americans seem to be returning to their normal position on the issue.

Which is largely opposition to gun control. Note that the drop in support for gun control is happening even among Democrats:

A CBS News poll released today finds that support for tighter gun-control laws has faded since the immediate aftermath of the shooting in Newtown, Conn. Support for stricter laws now stands at 47 percent, compared with 57 percent just after the massacre. As one might expect, the poll found a partisan divide, with 68 percent of Republicans saying that laws should be kept as they are or made less strict, and 66 percent of Democrats favoring stricter laws. The level of Democratic support for tighter gun control has dropped significantly, though, from a high of 78 percent.

The gun control movement is all about opportunism. Play on people’s emotions, not their logic and reason.

This is the reason why our government was designed to move slowly. So that legislation wasn’t passed in the heat of the moment.