Poll: 64% Of Gun Control Proponents Wrongly Think Gun Crime Is Up


One of the most powerful arguments against gun control is the incontrovertible fact that not only is violent crime in general down, but that crimes committed specifically with guns are down. By a lot.

The problem is, the people who support gun control don’t know that:

According to a Rasmussen poll released on Friday, while gun killings have plunged 39 percent since 1993, and non-fatal gun crimes have dropped 69 percent in the same period, those who want gun control think that gun crime is up. Rasmussen reports that only 7 percent of adults believe there are fewer gun owners in the country than there were 20 years ago – and more importantly, 64 percent of those who want more gun control think that gun crime has escalated.”

It’s that low information vote problem again.

This reminds me of those videos Jimmy Kimmel does where people are asked about something that didn’t happen. Like the First Lady debate last year during the campaign. Obviously, the first ladies never debated. The spouse of the president has nothing to do with policy.

But when asked, people didn’t want to seem like they weren’t in-the-know, so they just pretended they knew.

The problem in America isn’t low information voters. The problem in America is low information voters who won’t admit that they’re low information voters.