Podcast: Schneider Says He Supports “Some Parts” of Trump Tax Cuts, Abentroth Says She’s Giving Primary Voters “Options”


Republican U.S. House candidate Tiffany Abentroth was on the radio show today. She got just a couple of dozen delegate votes at the NDGOP state convention earlier this month, but filed to run on the June primary ballot anyway.

Why? “It’s important to give voters options,” she told me, adding that the electorate is made up of Democrats and Republicans and other political points of view. She says if she were elected she’d represent “everyone’s voice.”

So why should voters choose her and not state Senator Kelly Armstrong, who won the NDGOP’s endorsement? “I have nothing against Kelly,” Abentroth said. “Seems like a nice guy,” she added, but also said that Armstrong supported “giving tax cuts to big oil” in the Legislature and that she had superior experience on foreign relations given her time in the military.

Democratic U.S. House candidate Mac Schneider was also on today to talk about his campaign. We talked about the Trump tax cuts, specifically, and Schneider acknowledged liking some parts of that policy such as the doubling of standard deductions. But he said the tax relief was too lopsided for richer individuals and corporations.

Reporter Andrew Haffner was on too, and spoke about his recent article on why people are mean to each other on the internet.

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