Podcast: Prosecutor Says Legalizing Marijuana Wouldn’t Be Such a Bad Thing


On the radio show today I spoke with Brian Johnson. He works as an assistant state’s attorney in Burleigh County, and he’s currently campaigning to get elected as state’s attorney.

I had him on because he recently retweeted a post of mine on Twitter about recreational marijuana, arguing that it “wouldn’t be the end of the world” if a ballot measure to legalize the drug were to pass in November.

That made me curious – it’s not often you hear a member of law enforcement take a position like that – so I had him on the radio and the conversation was illuminating.

Johnson, who was a cop before he was a prosecutor, said he expects the measure to pass. He says that if it does his job probably isn’t going to get much harder, despite that being a persistent argument against the measure. He said he’s not going to vote against the measure based on problems highlighted in a recent guest post here on SAB, and that if it passes the biggest challenge for law enforcement will probably be the impaired driving issue.

But he said he doesn’t know if “that’s a good reason to shoot all this down.”

I also spoke about enrollment issues at NDSU during the show.

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