Podcast: Former Congressman Earl Pomeroy Talks State Convention


Former ND Congressman Earl Pomeroy makes his way to the stage at the ND Democratic convention to deliver the keynote address Friday. photo by Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald

On the radio show today, former Congressman Earl Pomeroy joins me to talk about the North Dakota Democratic Party’s state convention held over the weekend. He’d like former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to put a sock in it already, and thinks North Dakota Democrats can win by sticking to local issues.

Speaking of the state convention, I also talked on the show today about some conspiracy theories Democrats were talking about at their convention which had me planting delegates there to cause trouble and feed me information. I didn’t, of course, but that they would think I did is amusing.

Also Matt Haller from the International Franchise Association was on with Bismarck businessman Josh Churchill to talk about federal legislation to fix an Obama-era rule change which treats franchise businesses as though they were a part of the brands they franchise for. Obviously a major headache for businesses on everything from dealing with labor unions to complying with things like the health care law.

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