Podcast: Cramer Says Rank-and-File North Dakota Democrats Are “Suffering Because of the Extremism” of Their Party


Congressman Kevin Cramer joined me on the radio show today for his weekly open phones segment. Democrats have been making a stink about a recent interview in which Cramer said the decisive factor which led him to run for the U.S. Senate was oil industry tycoon Harold Hamm pledging to fund raise for him.

I asked Cramer about that. He said Hamm’s support was “one of several reasons,” and that billionaire has “lots of interests in North Dakota.” He “cracked the code” of developing oil and gas resources in the Bakken oil fields and “employs thousands of North Dakotans,” Cramer told me.

He dismissed the criticism as a Democratic talking point. He also said that rank-and-file Democrats in North Dakota are “suffering because of the extremism” of the state and national parties.

Here’s the full audio of today’s show. If you can’t listen live, get the podcast.

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