Podcast: Almost Everybody in North Dakota Is Breaking This Tax Law


Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger was on air with me today to discuss the Supreme Court fight over applying state taxes to online sales (I wrote about it earlier today), and to correct an unfortunate misrepresentation of his position perpetrated by his Democratic challenger Kylie Oversen, and he revealed something pretty interesting.

If you buy something online, and the retailer doesn’t collect a sales tax from you, the law requires that you remit it to the state. The thing is, though, almost nobody does that. Rauschenberger told me just nine people last year voluntarily paid the tax (and yes, he is one of them, I asked).

Rasuchenberger laid out his support for allowing states to collect taxes on online sales. I’ve invited Oversen on the program for an interview but so far she hasn’t responded.

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