Plain Talk: Why Do Americans Feel So Anxious? “It’s Not Trump” Says NDSU Professor


Americans are living at historically high levels of prosperity, but we also see increasing rates of problems with things like anxiety.

About 20 percent of millennials say they are alone all or some of the time.

Many of them say they have no real friends.

“More and more people are taking anti-depressants and buying self-help books,” Clay Routledge, a professor of psychology and behavioral science researcher from North Dakota State University, says.

Why is this happening when, relative to the conditions humanity has lived under throughout most of history, Americans are well off?

Routledge discusses on this episode of Plain Talk ahead of an October 14 presentation he’ll be making at the libertarian Cato Institute. “It’s not Trump,” says Routledge. Although America is a polarized place right now, the trends he’s identifying have been in place since well before the Trump era.

You can see the details of his presentation here (including information on how to live stream it).

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