Plain Talk: State Auditor Pushes Back Against NDSCS President’s Suggestion of Lying


“To us it’s very clear.”

That’s what state Auditor Josh Gallion said on this episode of Plain Talk when asked about the insinuation, made by North Dakota State School of Science President John Richman at a recent campus forum, that the auditor’s office wasn’t being truthful in a recent report.

That report was a bombshell, reporting that not only did NDSCS VP (and Fargo City Commissioner) Tony Grindberg help negotiate a contract with a firm his wife works for, that when auditors requested information about Grindberg’s involvement the school tried to hide it.

“Are you in fact telling us the state auditor is lying to us? You can’t both be correct,” a questioner at the forum asked Richman.

“I’ll let you determine (if Gallion is lying), okay?” Richman said in response per the Wahpeton Daily News. “You read the auditor’s report and you read my response.”

“That’s why we disclose all of these emails and correspondence in the report,” Gallion said when read Richman’s comments.

He said the situation with NDSCS, where a state entity apparently withheld information from auditors, “may be a first” for his office.

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