Plain Talk: Senator Cramer Says Trump Scandals Are “Uninteresting to the Vast Majority of People”


Senator-elect Kevin Cramer is The Forum's 2018 Person of the Year. David Samson / The Forum

From local columnists to national television pundits, the political media can’t get enough of President Donald Trump. His tweets and his rallies, his tax returns and sometimes even the actual policies of his administration, are all fodder for intense scrutiny.

On this episode of Plain Talk Senator Kevin Cramer, responding to a listener question, says a lot of this stuff doesn’t matter to the public.

Trump’s tax returns are “very uninteresting to the vast majority of people,” Cramer said.

He took questions on the border wall, protections from online speech, and whether or not he’d participate in a charity “over the edge” rappelling event in Fargo (he said he’d participate as long as the scheduling worked out).

Also, a state lawmaker has confessed that legislation destroying the autonomy of the state Auditor’s office was motivated by how aggressive current Auditor Josh Gallion has been. The lawmaker says the purpose of the auditor isn’t to embarrass anyone. But shouldn’t the purpose of government be to refrain from doing things that are embarrassing?

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