Plain Talk: Senator Cramer Says of HR1044 “I Not Only Supported It I Championed It”


“I not only supported it, I championed it.”

That’s what Senator Kevin Cramer said of HR1044, called the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2019, on this episode of Plain Talk. He was responding questions from listeners upset about his support for the legislation, but Cramer says it’s a good bill. He says it would “eliminate the per-country caps” on work visas for highly skilled workers like doctors and engineers.

“We should have a merit-based immigration system,” Cramer said. “Right now we have a lottery system.”

Cramer also commented on demands that President Donald Trump’s Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta resign because of a plea deal he gave infamous pedophile Jeffrey Epstein in the late 2000’s. Everyone needs to “take a breath and let the process play out,” Cramer said, adding that Epstein is a “sick, sick human being.”

Acosta’s deal was “vetted during his confirmation process” for appointment to Trump’s cabinet, Cramer said. That “victims and accusers weren’t informed” about the deal Acosta gave Epstein “concerns me the most.”

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