Plain Talk: Senator Cramer Says He’s “Surprised” Trump Even Cares About #TheSquad


“I don’t care a whole lot about it,” Senator Kevin Cramer said on this episode of Plain Talk, referring to the feud between President Donald Trump and a group of Democratic women in the House who refer to themselves as “the squad.”

“I’m surprised President Trump cares so much about these congresswomen,” Cramer continued, calling Trump a “street fighter” and adding, “I don’t believe he’s a racist.”

Cramer said Trump doesn’t have a problem with people of color. He said if these congresswomen were at a Trump rally wearing a red Make America Great Again hat they’d probably be invited on stage and their skin color wouldn’t matter.

The Senator did say he admires “the squad” in a way. “There’s a part of me that sort of admires what they do. Four freshman have taken over the House,” he said.

Cramer also took listener questions.

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