Plain Talk: Sen. Cramer “Doubts” Trump’s Emergency Will Stand up in Court, Says Trump’s “Treason” Accusation Not an Exaggeration


Rep. Kevin Cramer answers questions from the Grand Forks Herald editorial board Wednesday afternoon. (Joshua Komer/Grand Forks Herald)

On this episode of Plain Talk, Senator Kevin Cramer was on to take listener questions.

Cramer appears on the podcast every week (usually Thursdays). If you want him to answer questions during his segments, email them to and I’llask him.

“It remains to be seen whether he really does have the power,” Cramer said in response to a question about President Donald Trump using an emergency declaration to free up funding for border security.

“Clearly it’s going to be challenged in the courts,” Cramer added.

“I have my doubts this declaration will be held up by the courts of the Congress,” he continued.

Responding to a question about Trump accusing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein of “treasonous” and “illegal” activities, Cramer said “I’m not sure this is an exaggeration.”

Cramer said there are a number of people and departments in the federal government which have acted to resist Trump’s agenda. “The Corps of Engineers is one of the worst ones,” he said, adding that the interview was the first time he made such a claim publicly. He complained about the Corps’ handling of construction projects in North Dakota, and said they’ve been “dragging their feet a lot on the construction of the wall,” a reference to the controversial border wall along the Mexican border.

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