Plain Talk: Rep. Brandy Pyle Calls Lawmaker’s Fundraising Amid Harassment Claims a ‘Slap in the Face’


Supporters of Rep. Luke Simons, an embattled Bastiat Caucus lawmaker from Dickinson who has been accused of harassing behavior by numerous women who work in and around the Legislature, have begun raising money for his legal defense.

Simons faces no criminal or civil charges, but House Majority Leader Chet Pollert and other Republican leaders have called on Simons to resign and have said they’ll consider expelling him from the chamber if he doesn’t.

It’s not clear what role a lawyer would play in those proceedings.

How does one of the women who says she was harassed by Simons feel about the fundraising?

“It’s a slap in the face of the people who went through this,” Rep. Brandy Pyle, R-Casselton, said on this episode of Plain Talk.

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