Pandemic Protocols May Offer Leeway in How Legislature Deals With Luke Simons


MINOT, N.D. — Rep. Luke Simons, a member of the controversial Bastiat Caucus, should be expelled from the House of Representatives for the long history of reported harassing behavior that has been revealed by myself and others over the last week.

How that happens may be tricky.

Simons is a Trump Republican, and the Trump movement cares little for things like decent and humane behavior from their political leaders.

That faction is ardently behind Simons, of Dickinson, buying into the conspiracy theory he’s woven which would have us believe that the accusations against him are the product of some left-wing political cabal and not the cause-and-effect outcome of his own behavior.

It also seems as though Simons, or perhaps some of his supporters, have begun soliciting donations for a “defense fund.” It’s not clear how successful that effort will be from a fundraising standpoint — as I write this the effort has raised less than $1,000 — but it does indicate that Simons has retained legal counsel and intends to fight any effort to remove him from the chamber.

How will Republican leadership handle this?

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