Plain Talk: Meet the North Dakotan who got a 2021 World Series ring from the Atlanta Braves


MINOT, N.D. — In 2021 the Atlanta Braves won the World Series.

Among those receiving a ring? Scott Davis from right here in North Dakota.

Davis spent years serving our state as the commissioner of Indian affairs. He’s in the private sector now, helping private organizations with their outreach to Native American communities, and some of that work has been for the Atlanta Braves.

That team has a Native American-themed nickname, and those have been controversial. Davis has been working with the team to find common ground and support from Indian Country, and for that work the team gave him a ring.

Davis talked about what it was like to receive that honor on this episode of Plain Talk. He also spoke about a major new initiative he helped broker between the Braves and the 7G Foundation, an organization that works to mold the next “seven generations” (that’s where the name comes from) of Native American leaders through education and sports.

The Braves will be hosting the Native American All-Star Baseball Showcase at Truist Park from July 16 to 17. High school baseball players of Native American descent from around the country will participate.

Davis says it’s a way for baseball to find new talent, and fun opportunity for Native American players. He thinks the major league teams, including the Braves, are going to find some prospects at the game. Players interested in participating can register at the 7G Foundation website .

You can read the full news release for the game here .

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