Shame on Gov. Burgum for saying nice things about the candidates he supports, I guess?


MINOT, N.D. — Gov. Doug Burgum is a “mafia boss” with a “hitman” thundered state Rep. Rick Becker at a Bastiat Caucus news conference yesterday .

He’s “a tyrant and dominating over everybody,” said a shouty Rep. Jeff Magrum (he’s seeking the NDGOP Senate nomination in District 8, Becker isn’t running for re-election to his House seat).

Unfortunately, for the people making them, these hyperbolic claims don’t exactly match up with the facts of what Burgum is doing.

As our Jeremy Turley reports , “None of the Dakota Leadership ads reviewed by Forum News Service this year have overtly portrayed Republican candidates in a negative light.”

The Lizard King of North Dakota politics (OK, they didn’t actually use that particular epithet) is a “mafia boss” and a “tyrant” who is figuratively assassinating people with … positive campaign messaging?

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