Plain Talk: Changing North Dakota’s Domestic Violence Laws, and How Can Democrats Win Over Rural America When They Hate Fossil Fuels?


On this episode of Plain Talk, Jodi Beauchene was a friend to Denise Marie Anderson.

Anderson was the victim of murder and arson in Fargo, and a former boyfriend is currently facing charges. Beauchene has started an online petition calling for changes to North Dakota’s domestic violence laws to make it easier for people to protect themselves.

“She had two pending charges against him,” Beauchene said of her friend. She also said Anderson was trying to get a restraining order. “Why that order wasn’t issued I don’t know.”

Also on this episode, Democratic 2020 frontrunner Joe Biden says his administration would “eliminate” fossil fuels. How can Democrats ever hope to get traction in rural, red state America if their so-called “moderate” candidates take a position like that?

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