Plain Talk: A “Trumpy” school for Fargo?


MINOT, N.D. — When the Capstone Classical Academy project was announced for Fargo, some people immediately looked at it through a political lens.

It was called “Trumpy,” by some. But is it?

On this episode of Plain Talk, headmaster Paul Q. Fisher describes the philosophy behind the school’s mission. They’re hoping to provide the people of the region with an education rooted in classical education.

That means the Greeks. The Romans. And, yes, the kids will be learning Latin.

But Fisher stresses that it’s not about promoting a certain ideology, but rather helping kids learn how to process information and think with reason and logic.

Capstone is accepting enrollments now for the fall 2022 school year for pre-kindergarten through sixth-grade students. Fisher says they’re at about 30 enrolled students so far, in the roughly three weeks since they’ve started, and they’ll be holding classes regardless of how may students they get.

The long-term goal is to build a campus on property that’s already been secured, and begin adding grades to the school in future years.

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