MINOT, N.D. — Today, it’s Joe Rogan, and the campaign to get his show pulled from Spotify, the audio streaming service that gave him a $100 million contract to bring his show to their service.

Prince Harry is pressuring Spotify to give Rogan the ax — say, didn’t we fight a war so we wouldn’t have to listen to British nobles? — joining boomer-generation rockers such as Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, who are pulling their content from Spotify in protest .

How much of this is sincere political activism, and how much if it is the artists, who have always had a tense relationship with Spotify, using Rogan as cover to be vindictive over lost album sales?

I’ll let you readers decide.

It’s also ” Maus ,” a chilling graphic novel about the Holocaust which a school board in Tennessee, acquiescing to pressure from the right, banned from an eighth-grade curriculum because it’s too violent and unsettling.

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