Phyllis Schlafly: When Fathers Are Turned Into Visitors Families Suffer


This November, a unique ballot initiative will be voted on in North Dakota to determine the amount of time children may spend with each of their divorced parents.

I advocate Shared Parenting – a cause supported by a significant majority of parents, no matter their gender or politics or family status. Kids need both moms and dads. A rebuttable presumption of Shared Parenting should be made the cornerstone of Family Law.

As I’ve written in my new book Who Killed The American Family?, the “best interest of the child” standard is not based on any law. It can be redefined by the bias of any judge, and is contrary to the parents’ rights.

Shared Parenting is the belief that parents share equal responsibilities and a presumption of equal rights in regard to the parenting of their children whether the parents are living together or apart. Shared Parenting is overwhelmingly popular with both women and men. All surveys show that children have a desire to maintain a relationship with both their parents after divorce, and I believe their voice should matter.

When fathers are turned into mere visitors in the lives of their children, the entire family suffers. Paternal grandparents are at high risk of losing contact with their grandchildren.

I can think of no better cause than advocating for doing what’s best for children I invite you to join the pro-family push for Shared Parenting. It’s a cause whose time has come.