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A demonstrator outside the Supreme Court building, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Oct. 6, 2018. (Tom Brenner/Copyright 2018 The New York Times)

U.S. Supreme Court Decision Could Mean Big Changes for North Dakota Bar Association

U.S. Supreme Court Decision Could Mean Big Changes for North Dakota Bar Association

Lawyers in the State of North Dakota pay dues to what’s called an integrated bar. The State Bar Association of North Dakota is both the official regulatory body for the legal industry in our state, administering the licensing and discipline of lawyers who work in our state, and an advocacy group for the legal industry.

Appeals Court Upholds Dismissal of Suit Over Lawyer Dues Used to Oppose Shared Parenting

The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals has weighed in on a lawsuit aimed at the State Bar Association of North Dakota over that organization’s use of legally-required lawyer dues to engage in political activities against a shared parenting measure in the 2014 election cycle. The plaintiff in the suit, Bismarck attorney Arnold Fleck, originally argued

Report Shows Where You Get Divorced in North Dakota Could Have a Big Impact on Child Custody Outcomes

North Dakota has had a long-running debate over shared parenting. Multiple ballot measures, and multiple legislative efforts, over the years have resulted in some reforms though shared parenting proponents still want more reform. Opponents of reform tell us that there’s nothing all that wrong with the status quo. That custody cases are adjudicated fairly and

ND Bar Association Sued by Shared Parenting Proponent Over Open Records

The shared parenting issue – the push to reform North Dakota’s family law to create greater equity between divorced parents when it comes to raising their kids – has been a real headache for the State Bar Association of North Dakota. Despite being an official regulatory body – if you practice law in North Dakota

Rep. Tom Kading (R-Fargo) speaks in favor of HB1392 on the floor of the North Dakota House of Representatives.

Audio: Rep. Tom Kading Says His New Sharing Parenting Legislation Is Not Like Measure 6

In a recent letter to the editor attorney Jason McLean, a divorce lawyer and opponent to reforming our state’s child custody laws, suggested that new shared parenting legislation under consideration in Bismarck is just like 2014’s shared parenting ballot measure. That would be a devastating and persuasive argument, if true, because Measure 6 on the 2014

Rep. Shannon Roers Jones (R-Fargo) carries shared parenting legislation on the House floor.

Video: North Dakota House Passes Shared Parenting Bill

The shared parenting issue is a familiar one for North Dakotans. Some version of the issue is in a bill before the legislature nearly every session, it seems, and it’s appeared more than once by way of initiated measure as well. The supporters of the issue haven’t had a lot of success, but today in

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Taxpayer Funded Politics: Lawmakers Should Take Away The State Bar Association's Advocacy Powers

North Dakota has a real problem with occupational licensing boards – state-sanctioned organizations that issue licenses to dentists and podiatrists and lawyers – which have seen their missions creep into political advocacy. During the 2015 legislative session I found that fewer than eight state licensing boards with registered lobbyists. In October Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem’s