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Shared Parenting Supporters Call For Investigation Into State Bar Opposition To Measure 6

Shared Parenting Supporters Call For Investigation Into State Bar Opposition To Measure 6

Earlier this month I wrote about the State Bar Association of North Dakota using mandatory attorney licensing fees to fund their opposition campaign to Measure 6, the shared parenting measure. “It is illegal what they are doing,” Mitchell Sanderson, spokesman for the North Dakota Shared Parenting Initiative, told me at the time. “No doubt about

Robert Franklin: "Yes" On Measure 6 Keeps Both Parents In A Child's Life

A new survey by the University of North Dakota College of Business Administration and Public Affairs reveals that Measure 6 that would establish a presumption of equal parenting following divorce is strongly favored by voters.  Some 44% of respondents favor the measure with only 30% opposed and the rest undecided.  That support crosses all of

Phyllis Schlafly: When Fathers Are Turned Into Visitors Families Suffer

This November, a unique ballot initiative will be voted on in North Dakota to determine the amount of time children may spend with each of their divorced parents. I advocate Shared Parenting – a cause supported by a significant majority of parents, no matter their gender or politics or family status. Kids need both moms and

ND Bar Association Using Mandatory Lawyer Fees To Fight Shared Parenting

Measure 6 on the November ballot is the shared parenting measure which seeks to create a presumption of equal custody in divorce cases. Proponents say the status quo is biased against fathers. Opponents say the law will only confuse an already confusing area of the law and create more litigation. But beyond the debate over

Shared Parenting Measure Endorsed By Actors Kiefer Sutherland, Jason Patric

Measure 6 is the shared parenting measure. It’s backed by people who feel the family law system is biased, and that there should be an initial legal presumption of the fitness of both parents for custody in divorce cases. The proponents of the measure added some star power to their cause today with actors Jason

Jason McLean: Shared Parenting Initiative Is Bad For Children

For over 11 years, I have been a family law attorney in Minnesota and North Dakota. I handle adoptions, child support, divorces, and paternity cases. These cases can sometimes be contentious. Over the years, I have helped many families avoid prolonged and agonizing battles. Many believe these battles dominate our court system. However, the reality

Tom McClure: Shared Parenting Measure Is About What's Best For Children

According to U.S. Custody and Child Support Data, women are awarded primary custody 83% of the time and awarded child support in 94% of the cases, despite the majority of court rulings finding that both parents are fit to provide a loving, caring environment for the children. The Shared Parenting initiative on the November ballot

Matt Evans: It's Time To Pass The Shared Parenting Law

The good news from this week is that North Dakota Parental Rights Initiative will be on the ballot in November. The measure would create a legal presumption that each parent in a child custody case is fit to parent, unless proven otherwise, and that therefore, each parent in a custody case would receive equal parental