Ohio School District Votes To Allow Non-Teaching Staff To Carry Firearms


gun free zone sign

A step in the right direction, I think:

An Ohio school board has unanimously voted to place armed custodians on their K-12 campus in an effort to better protect their students from a future mass shooting.

Following Wednesday’s believed unprecedented 5-0 vote in the state, four male janitors were the first to volunteer to arm themselves with their own handguns on the rural Montpelier campus, the Toledo Blade reports.

The vote will permit only non-teaching employees to carry the firearms on the campus, so long as they complete a weapons training course.

‘It’s kind of a sign of the times,’ Superintendent Jamies Grime said on Friday.

The move comes as districts and lawmakers across the nation weigh how to protect students following the December school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut.

One fact that doesn’t get mentioned nearly enough in the gun control debate that has been ignited since the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting is the fact that, since 1950, every single mass shooting in America (with the exception of the shooting of Rep. Garbrielle Giffords and others in Tucson) has taken place in a “gun free zone” such as a school or college campus.

When are we going to admit that shooters looking to rack up big body counts to satisfy whatever mania or religious/political agenda is motivating them gravitate to “gun free zones” as places where they can shoot the longest without being shot back at?

Gun free zones are targets. We need to change that.