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Blaming Guns for Suicides Does a Disservice to Suicide Prevention Efforts

Blaming Guns for Suicides Does a Disservice to Suicide Prevention Efforts

My last Sunday print column suggested that we could save more lives in America with better suicide prevention efforts than with tougher gun control policy. To support this contention, I pointed out that most deaths in America resulting from a gun shot wound are self inflicted. In any given year, about 60 percent to 70

Rep. Porter and Senator Armstrong: Constitutional Carry Is Good Legislation

The column below was submitted by Senator Kelly Armstrong (R-Dickinson) and Rep. Todd Porter (R-Mandan) This week, the legislature passed the “constitutional carry” bill that has since been signed into law by Gov. Burgum. This law allows citizens to carry a concealed weapon if they meet the eligibility requirements for a Class 2 concealed weapons’

North Dakota Concealed Carry Permits Down In 2013

Between 2005 and and 2012 there was a 479 percent increase in the number of North Dakota concealed carry permits issued. Applications for permits were so hot and heavy that Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem’s office was having problems keeping up. State law requires that the AG’s office rule on a permit within sixty days, but

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Does Gun Ownership Make You More Likely to Die?

In ameta-analysis of 15 studies that aimed to measure the relationship between gun ownership and the risk of suicide or homicide published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers found a link between gun ownership and higher levels of death. “Over all, University of California at San Francisco epidemiologist Andrew Anglemyer and his two co-authors found, people with

Study: States With Fewer Restrictions On Guns See Lower Murder Rates

Quinnipiac University economist Mark Gius has a new study in the journal Applied Economics Letters entitled, “An examination of the effects of concealed weapons laws and assault weapons bans on state-level murder rates.” You can read the full study here, but here’s an intriguing excerpt from his abstract: The purpose of the present study is

Jim Carey Won't Promote His Own Movie Due To Violence

After the Sandy Hook shooting actor Jim Carey has become quite the anti-gun activist. His critics have responded by pointing out the number of violent movies he’s appeared in, suggesting that he’s a bit of a hypocrite for making so much money portraying so much violence. Now, in an apparent response to that criticism, Carey

Report: Gun Homicides Down 40% Since 1993, Gun Crimes Down Nearly 70%

Opponents of gun control are fond of pointing to federal crime statistics which show violent crime, including crimes committed by guns, declining in the United States over the last couple of decades despite states liberalizing gun control policies and Americans buying more guns. But a new Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics has a report

Pro-Gun Billboard Featuring Native Americans Draws Outrage In Colorado

Proponents of the second amendment talk often of the importance of individual gun ownership as a check against government tyranny. Which is why the history of disarmed peoples being abused by governments – blacks and Native Americans here in the US, to name two examples – is an important one to remember. But a billboard

Why Is Homeland Security Using Four Times More Ammo Than The Army?

In Congress, Rep. Jason Chaffertz is trying to get to the bottom of the Department of Homeland Security’s ammunition stockpiling, and uncovers the fact that the DHS is using about 4.5 times more ammunition for training than the US Army. Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz on Thursday asked Nick Nayak, DHS’ chief procurement officer, a question